Alistair Beaton

Alistair Beaton square


With television, radio and literary credits spanning more than thirty years, Alistair Beaton is one of the UK’s foremost political satirists. He was one of the founding members of Not the Nine O’Clock News, contributor to Spitting Image, and creator of award winning television shows A Very Social Secretary and The Trial of Tony Blair (the latter also being nominated for a BAFTA). Alistair’s satirical plays Feelgood (which won the Evening Standard Comedy Award), Follow My Leader and Caledonia have enjoyed national and international success. A prolific translator, he has produced new versions of plays such as Max Frisch’s The Arsonists and Nikolai Gogol’s The Government Inspector. He is also the author of satirical novel A Planet for the President. “Satire can give people hope, satire can raise people’s spirits” wrote Alistair in The Observer. “Satire can say to people: ‘Look you were right to be outraged, you were right to feel you’re being lied to. Don’t stop being angry.’” On Friday 17 April, he will introduce a screening of New Labour send-up A Very Social Secretary. Angry and outraged laughter guaranteed.


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