Kevin Brownlow

Brownlow square


Kevin Brownlow is a renowned film historian, filmmaker and preservationist. An expert in silent cinema, he has gained plaudits for his written and documentary histories The Parade’s Gone By…., Behind the Mask of Innocence, The Search for Charlie Chaplin, Hollywood and Unknown Chaplin (among others). His award winning film It Happened Here imagined that Britain had lost World War II and was now under Nazi control. Shot in a gritty documentary style, with unknown actors the film was praised for its verisimilitude and emotional power. His work restoring productions such as Abel Gance’s silent masterpiece Napoléon led to him receiving an honorary Oscar for his services to film preservation. Kevin is a co-founder of independent film company Photoplay Productions, which has been at the forefront of restoring and reviving interest in silent cinema and won the San Francisco Silent Film Festival Award in 2010. On Thursday 16 April, he will talk on Charlie Chaplin and satire. The talk will include excerpts from his own acclaimed Chaplin documentary and is followed by a screening of The Great Dictator.

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